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The health of our four-legged friends is crucial and one of the simple but effective additions to their diet is a good soup base (bone broth) . Similar to humans, soup base has many benefits for dogs that can have a positive effect on their digestion, immune system and overall well-being. Below are the reasons why a good soup base for dogs is beneficial. Janja and Luna have prepared a delicious, healthy recipe for how you can prepare such a soup yourself.

What do we need?

  • soup bones (I got them from deer)
  • a large pot
  • ice molds


Put as many bones as possible into the pot, or as many as we have. Pour over cold water so that all the bones are covered with it. Cook for 10 to 12 hours on moderate heat so that the soup slowly boils. If desired, in the last hour of cooking, add various vegetables, e.g. parsley, carrots, celery,...
When it is cooked, let it cool down and let the fat on the top harden. The latter will be removed later. The soup will become (as it cools) "jelly", which is exactly what we wanted.



Strain the soup and pour into ice cube trays. Then put them in the freezer. Defrost the cubes before use and add to food. On hot days, we can also offer them as an iced refreshment.

If you don't have time to prepare your own soup base, 100% natural Slovenian beef or turkey soup base is also available at the link here: BEEF OR TURKEY SOUP .

Bon Appetit!
Janja and Luna

By LovingPaw


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