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Summer heatwaves call for refreshment, and what could be better than homemade ice cream? Prepare super easy ice cream for your pet from just two ingredients: any fruit and kefir. Here's how to make it.


- Any fruit (strawberries, bananas, blueberries, peaches - choose your favourites)
- Kefir


1. Preparation of fruit: Wash the fruit well and cut it into pieces.
2. Blending: Blend the fruit into a smooth mixture using a blender.
3. Adding kefir: Add kefir to the fruit mixture. The ratio of fruit to kefir depends on your preferences, but we recommend roughly equal amounts of both ingredients.
4. Taste test: Before you pour the mixture into the molds, check the taste with your "chef" furry - this may mean that you will try it yourself to see if the taste is as it should be. 🤣
Filling the molds: Fill the mixture into the ice cream molds. If you do not have special models, you can also use ordinary smaller pots.
6. Adding sticks: Insert a wooden stick into each pot or model.
7. Freezing: Place everything in the freezer and wait for the mixture to harden.

Waiting for refresh

After a few hours of freezing, your homemade ice cream will be ready. Take it out of molds or pots and enjoy a refreshing summer snack!


- Experiment with different types of fruit for varied tastes.
- You can also use Greek yogurt instead of kefir for a creamier texture.

Have a good run furries and stay cool through the hot summer days!

By LovingPaw


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