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Get to know us and our story

To begin with, our story and inspiration for the online boutique...
The Loving Paw story is very special. In fact, we wouldn't exist without our canine friends. The main and biggest reason for thinking about starting an online boutique was actually my Shih Tzu named Kai, who unfortunately passed away due to cancer in March 2017. Obviously, this is where his mission began. Why?

Kai was a big allergy sufferer. In fact, he was not allowed to eat grains - he could only eat specific foods. He had just as bad a dust mite allergy.
Despite the treatment, he never tasted any tasty treats like his canine friends could. I had a hard time finding suitable food that didn't irritate his intestines.
MY KAI also in the beautiful video of the singer Ditka in an extremely emotional song: Run, keep running, my puppy (on the timeline at 2.08 min)
Well, this is where the story began...

I noticed that there were more and more puppies and kittens with allergies. Their owners find it difficult (in the flood of different food and equipment) to find one that is hypoallergenic and without 'artificial' impurities. And so a great desire was born and with a lot of effort, the Loving Paw online boutique was created. As the owner of furry pets, I started thinking about how the owner could get something in one place that is 100% safe and 100% healthy and local for furry pets. Based on numerous researches and trainings, I created the first Loving Paw line - products made from the best bentonite clay in the world. The owners were delighted. All this led to the further development of products and lines of which we are extremely proud.

The company KAIT was also created, which consists of the names of our puppies:

K (Black Russian terrier Kan: the biggest black 'brother' of our dog family and the main supervisor)

AI (Shih Tzu Kai: the basic and biggest reason for the creation of the boutique)

T (Shih Tzu Tango: our greatest helper and 'court jester')

Loving Paw wants to give furries what they deserve - the best. We want your furry friends to be with you for as long as possible, and this is what our entire mission is about. Loving Paw products are created with a lot of love, experience and, of course, knowledge. Every product is designed and created for a reason. The quality and known origin of local ingredients is of utmost importance to us, and komastinčki are our inspiration.

Loving Paw is a family-run company with only one goal: healthy and happy furries and satisfied owners. Our guideline is: OF COURSE. LOCAL. HEARTFUL. Our motto is very clear:

In 2023, the story continues in the field of HAIR CARE. Because I want to offer them only the best, I completed training for the care of furry dogs with my mentor Daniela Risdan, who is a professional stylist and dog groomer and representative IGA (International Groomers Association) in Slovenia. So everything from 2023 has come to life CENTER OF HEALTHY AND CAREFUL KOSMATINČK in Velenje. The Loving Paw story thus grows, continues, ...

Thanks Kai and take good care of us among the dog stars* But we'll be here for all your furry friends, I promise


JANJA - owner, idea leader and big animal lover

STAŠ - IT mastermind, husband of the owner ;) and a big animal lover

TANGO - Our dog heart, chief tester and court jester

KAN - The Black Dude and Chief Overseer

KAI - The reason for the creation of the boutique and the dog breath that accompanies us among the stars

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