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The health of our four-legged friends is crucial and one of the simple but effective additions to their diet is a good soup base (bone broth) . Similar to humans, soup base has many benefits for dogs that can have a positive effect on their digestion, immune system and overall well-being....

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Xylitol is a sweetener that is increasingly used in food products as a sugar substitute. While it is relatively safe for humans, it can pose a serious danger to our furry friends. The reasons for this are important, but it is also crucial that dog owners know where xylitol can...

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Puppies with various allergies are extremely limited in their feeding. However, this is by no means a condition for them to eat monotonous food. Where! Luna and Janja proved that it is also possible to eat like a real canine gourmet. They created a great recipe for 'dog sticks'. How...

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