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The idea that a substance from the earth that, once inside the body, can safely draw out toxins, heavy metals and other poisons and give more energy and vitality to our pets sounds like something you'd definitely like to know, right? And at Loving Paw, we do just that with our products. How? With the help of one of the best bentonite clays in the world.

Bentonite clay for dogs and cats is a very useful addition to your "healing tool" kit for so many things that we've covered in several past posts HERE .

And how can bentonite clay successfully suppress internal parasites and toxins?

Now that we know that bentonite clay is a wonderful way to naturally remove toxins and parasites from the body while adding important minerals to the body that may be lacking in today's agricultural environment, we can begin to see how clay can work as a wonderful general detoxification protocol for us and our pets . When we bind to the positively charged toxins and dehydrate the parasites and get them all out of the body, we have a safe, effective and natural way that does no harm. At the same time, we remove the nasty bugs that are cutting into our pet's diet and overall health and get rid of any toxic overload from today's toxin-rich environment.

You can apply dry purified bentonite clay topically to kill fleas on your pets and use it for bathing - to prevent fleas.

A bentonite clay detox removes heavy metals from dog or cat vaccinations from your pet's system. You may know that toxic aluminum and mercury are in vaccines and remain in our pets' systems.

How to prepare and use bentonite clay?

For internal use in dogs and cats:

  • Put the clay on an empty stomach
  • Do not administer food, herbs, or medications for at least 2 hours after a dose of bentonite clay.
  • Dosage: Give 1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon. To prepare, mix with enough filtered water to create a runny paste.
  • Make sure you choose a good quality clay product (found HERE ) as it can naturally contain heavy metals and quality can vary between brands.
  • Make sure that clean, filtered water is available at all times, as the clay will absorb water from the intestines.

To prepare bentonite as a topical paste :

  • Mix in a ratio of 1:2 (clay + filtered or spring water)
  • Mix well to form a paste for topical use.
  • Apply the paste on irritated skin.
  • It is okay if your dog or cat licks it off, but remember that if you are using internally and topically at the same time, adjust the internal dosage so that your animal does not get too much clay as it can cause constipation. Just remember that it absorbs water from the gut, so keep your dog or cat well hydrated (have plenty of freshly filtered water available and make an internal mix with enough water to make it somewhat runny).

We have ready-made paste for problem areas available HERE - CLAY COATING

To prepare the dog bath:

  • Use 1/2 -1 cup of clay in a full tub of water.
  • Place your dog in the tub and soak for up to 20 minutes to soothe itchy skin and skin with hot spots or irritated areas.

We have so many great options to naturally care for our pets and complement what conventional medicine has to offer, right?

Before this post, did you know about bentonite clay for your dogs or cats? If so, have you had any good experiences with it? Trust us with your story.

By LovingPaw


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