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Playing with treats can be fun for a puppy, but sometimes it can happen that it chokes on a treat too quickly. Acting quickly and correctly in such a situation is crucial, as a quick reaction can save your pet's life. In this article, we'll explore what to do if your puppy is choking on treats.

Stay Calm: Despite the panic, stay calm. This will help you to better assess the situation and take effective measures.

Airway Assessment: Make sure you can safely approach your puppy. Examine his mouth to see if there is an obvious cause of choking, such as a stuck treat or part of the food.

Perform the Heimlich maneuver: If you notice that the puppy is choking, perform the Heimlich maneuver. For smaller dogs, place your fist under the ribs and push up with the palm of your hand. For larger dogs, you can stand behind and place your hand under the ribs, then push up with your fist.


Check the airway: If the Heimlich maneuver does not produce the desired result, check whether the airway is still blocked. If you see visible obstructions, such as pieces of food, try to remove them carefully with tweezers or your hand.

Call the vet: Even if you have successfully removed the plug, it is important to call the vet. The puppy could suffer respiratory or esophageal injuries that require professional treatment.

Prevention: To prevent re-choking, be careful about the size of the treats you give your dog. Also, avoid giving treats that could pose a choking risk, such as small pieces of bone or food.

Pet First Aid: Have a basic pet first aid kit on hand that includes tweezers, sterile dressings and other necessary emergency equipment.

Emergency Training: Learn basic emergency procedures including the Heimlich maneuver and proper airway assessment. This knowledge can save your pet's life in critical situations.

Although the experience of a puppy choking can be very stressful, it's important to stay calm and take immediate action. A quick and correct reaction in these situations can save your pet's life.

By LovingPaw


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