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Grooming your pet's claws is an important part of caring for their well-being. Proper claw trimming not only keeps the paws healthy, but also prevents any problems that may occur due to over-lengthening of the claws. In this article, we will explore the steps and tips on how to properly trim your furry friend's claws.

Get the right tools: Get quality scissors or claw clippers. There are various tools available, so choose the one that suits you best and you feel comfortable using it.

Treat Claws Individually: Each claw should be examined individually. With light-colored claws, the cornea is clearly visible, a dark spot in the middle that you should avoid, as it contains blood vessels. On darker claws, the cuticle is less noticeable, so be careful and cut slowly.

Trim gradually: Trim the claws gradually, one or two millimeters at a time. This reduces the chance of accidentally cutting into the cornea. If you do not feel comfortable with the haircut, it is better to make minor corrections several times.

Demonstration of how to determine where the nerve is located in black claws (source:

Use light for a better inspection: A good light source allows you to inspect the claws more closely. This will make it easier to notice the cornea and avoid unnecessary damage.

Be patient: Trimming claws requires patience, so don't rush it. If the pet is acting nervous, calm it down and trim only those claws that are accessible to you without stressing the animal.

Praise and reward: Praise and reward your pet after grooming. By doing this, he will associate the experience with positive feelings, which will make it easier to trim the claws in the future.

Need help?

If you feel unsure or have no experience in clipping claws, seek the help of a professional. A vet or trained groomer can help and show you the correct techniques. Come to us at the Loving Paw Velenje salon and we'll show you how to cut your hair properly or fix your furry little one.

Proper nail trimming will keep your pet's paws healthy and prevent potential problems. With this task, you not only nurture physical health, but also build trust between you and your furry friend.

By LovingPaw


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