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You probably know that situation when you suddenly have to grab a puppy and keep it under control? Unforeseen situations can happen to us every day, and precisely because of such situations, we made a practical, high-quality and extremely short leash that allows you to instantly control your furry friend. The leash measures only 30 cm in length, which means that it can easily be attached to a collar or leash and. available whenever you need quick control over the dog.

The Loving Paw PULLER short leash is made of durable webbing and comes in a neutral black color. With it, you can stop the puppy in an instant, even if you don't have one on a leash. With a length of 30 cm, it will not disturb the furry one. You, on the other hand, will be completely worry-free during training, a walk, or wherever you are with the furry one.

Length: 30cm
Strap width: 2 cm