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Has your puppy been NAUGHTY or NICE over the years? Well, was he good or naughty? Of course he was diligent! That's why he deserves his own gift under the mistletoe. And what is a better gift for a furry child than tasty and healthy treats?

The SANTA PAWS package contains many delicious large and small treats for all puppies. 100% natural ingredients ensure the health of the fur coat, and only he will be maximally happy + everything is packed in a beautiful package.

Net quantity: 100 g

Composition: beef (18%), venison (8%), eggs, zucchini, beetroot, spinach, rapeseed oil, parsley, pririna wholemeal flour, carob flour

Analytical values:

  • 20.5% crude protein
  • 4.2% crude fat
  • 8.6% crude fiber
  • 1.7% raw ash