Loving Paw 100% purified Bentonite Clay has been known for its miraculous effects on human and animal bodies since ancient times. Their ability to absorb toxins, heavy metals, dirt and chemicals puts them at the forefront of nutritional supplements.

Bentonite Clay (purified clay) can help and prevent unpleasant internal parasites and digestive disorders such as constipation. In addition, it can strengthen the immune system, effectively detoxify the liver and kidneys and at the same time counteract various allergies.

Usage: Mix a small amount of Clay with wooden spoon in fresh drinking water.

Recommended: In the evening , put one teaspoon of Clay into a glass (not metal), pour over 0.5 liters of clean water, mix and let stand overnight. In the morning we only offer dog/cat water to drink. Discard the contents of Clay. The animal must have always access to fresh water.

Storage: Store in a dry place and at a maximum temperature of 25 ° C.

INCI / Ingridients: 100% Bentonite Clay powder (Bolus) -

Ingredients of Bentonite purified Clay for drinking:

  • SILICON 63.20%,
  • POTASSIUM 3.40%,
  • IRON 2.60%,
  • MAGNESIUM 1.30%,
  • SODIUM 1.20%,
  • CALCIUM 0.41%

NET weight: 3 x 250 g
Country of origin: Slovenia