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Kelp or brown seaweed is one of the richest natural sources of amino acids, as it has 25% protein and 2% fat. This “sea vegetable”, full of vitamins and minerals, contains iodine, which is essential for healthy thyroid function, and iron, which supports circulation.

There are various edible sea vegetables, but algae are the most nutritious for dogs. They contain 60 different vitamins, minerals and trace elements and 21 amino acids. Kelp is also a complex carbohydrate and a natural source of many growth hormones. Algeria is best known for its iodine content, which helps support your dog’s system and metabolism.

Some other benefits associated with algae include the following:

  • It regulates the functioning of glands in the adrenal gland, pituitary gland and thyroid gland.
  • Great for skin allergies as it helps reduce itching and inflammation.
  • It contains proteins and amino acids that help in tissue regeneration.
  • Iodine content helps stimulate thyroid function, speeds up metabolism and weight loss.
  • Improves glandular function and healthy metabolism.
  • High in fiber and helps with digestion.
  • It can help reduce the formation of plaque and tartar.

How can algae supplements support my pet’s health?
Kelp is full of several key nutrients, is easily digestible and works in many ways to support your pet’s overall health. Kelp is rich in protein and low in fat. In fact, algae is made up of about 25% protein! This makes seaweed powder one of the simplest and healthiest ways to increase your pet’s protein intake. Making sure your pet has enough protein is an important step in ensuring muscle and tissue development. Protein levels also play a key role in repairing damaged tissue. This can help pets recover faster from injuries or surgeries. Kelp also contains more than 21 different amino acids. Therefore, not only can our supplement increase your pet’s protein intake, but it also provides them with a diverse source of protein. Because different amino acids have different roles, one supplement that provides many types of amino acids can ensure that you provide your pet with a more complete nutritional profile.

Iodine is another key element of algae, which is essential for the efficient functioning of the glands. The thyroid, pituitary gland and especially the adrenal glands need iodine for the necessary regulation. Good glandular health is essential for efficient and proper food metabolism and maintaining adequate hormone levels. Improving your pet’s metabolism can result in increased pet energy and even make it easier to maintain a healthy weight. It is difficult to ensure that your pet will get the right amount of iodine, but algae are a very rich source. Kelp has been used for years to treat thyroid problems or iodine deficiency in humans. It is now also used in puppies.

Kelp is also a valuable source of vitamins such as A, B12, C and E. It also contains key minerals such as iron and many trace elements such as calcium, potassium and boron. Each of these nutrients plays a number of important roles for your pet’s health. Some of the benefits of giving algae supplements to your pet include maintaining good blood health, reducing the effects of aging, and boosting your pet’s immune system.

What types of health problems can a kelp treat?
The effects of kelp can be especially beneficial for older pets. Our algae powder can be dosed to dogs facing symptoms of iron deficiency. Similarly, you can use algae for cats with a weakened immune system. Because algae is high in fiber, it can be digestible and can improve your pet’s overall digestive health. Kelp can also help reduce plaque and tartar, which can help maintain the health of your pet’s teeth.

Another key benefit of algae for cats or dogs is that it can help alleviate allergy symptoms. Kelp is used to treat itching and swelling to reduce discomfort with skin allergies. Some studies have also shown that algae are effective in repelling fleas in dogs. Because of this, algae powder for dogs can be a valuable additive or substitute for the chemical treatment of fleas. Because of all these benefits, our seaweed powder is a simple and effective way to solve many pet health problems.

The easiest way to ensure that your pet can experience the benefits of our kelp is to sprinkle it or mix it into their existing food source. Pets smaller than 10kg do not need more than ½ teaspoons, while dogs over 25kg can receive as many as 2 teaspoons.

Ingredients: 100% brown seaweed powder

Analytical components:

Quantity: 100g (net)

Origin of Kelp: Norway