Loving Paw hemp protein powder is an important part of a dog’s diet. However, there are many sources of protein that you can feed him. Hemp protein for dogs and cats can be a great source of protein to keep your faithful companion healthy and strong. Hemp protein is derived from the seeds of hemp, a versatile plant dating back to the 28th century BC. They contain essential fats and amino acids and a lot of digestible proteins.

Hemp protein does not contain allergens and is very tasty and naturally provides a balance of essential fatty acids.

European Food Safety Authority study "Scientific opinion on the safety of cannabis for use as animal feed": Essential amino and fatty acids are known to play an important role in improving conditions such as allergies, neoplasia, itchy skin, thromboembolic disease, atopic dermatitis , eosinophilic granuloma complex and degenerative joint disease. Proponents of cannabis protein say they produce healthy joints, positive growth and development, good fertility, and lowering total HDL cholesterol in dogs.

Why hemp protein?
Hemp protein has many benefits:

  • due to the fiber present in the product, digestion is improved at the same time
  • minerals and vitamins are present (especially iron, magnesium and calcium)
  • hemp protein metabolism is 90% (this means that the body can assimilate and use almost all ingested hemp protein)
  • they do not poison the body because they do not contain pesticides and fertilizers due to their natural hemp production.
  • they are not allergenic

Some pet owners have reported the benefits of cannabis for dogs and cats, including treating pain, arthritis, epileptic seizures, anxiety, decreased appetite, cognitive dysfunction, and more.

The product does not contain nuts, shellfish, eggs, dairy products, gluten, wheat, soy and peanuts.

Hemp protein powder can be added to a container of water or wet dog food. You will need the advice of your veterinarian before you do this. Dogs don’t need much: generally one-fifth of a teaspoon a day for a small dog and no more than a teaspoon a day for a very large dog. Rely on your vet and product packaging for details.

Net weight: 3 x 100g
Country of origin: Romania (EU)

Important: Before adding hemp protein or any other supplement to your dog’s diet, seek the permission of your veterinarian.