O'TOM® is the only device that enables the quick removal of even the smallest ticks (from 0.1 mm) without squeezing or damaging them, so there are fewer inflammatory reactions after a bite, and the possibility of transmitting tick diseases during removal is minimal.

It is extremely easy to use, and it is suitable for use on humans and animals.

The Tick Twister® Tick Remover is specially designed to remove parasitic ticks from the skin of animals and humans.


  • Removes all ticks, of any size (from 1/10 of a millimeter) and location.
  • If used correctly, it does not leave the tick's mouthparts embedded in the skin.
  • It does not compress the abdomen of ticks, therefore reducing the risk of transmission of pathogens (Lyme disease, tick-borne encephalitis...).
  • It does not require any chemical products (alcohol, ether,...).
  • Enables quick, easy and painless removal of ticks.
  • It is unbreakable, durable and reusable

It is essential not to squeeze the body of the tick during removal, which reduces the risk of backflow of saliva, which can lead to infections and/or allergies. Tweezers and other instruments apply pressure to the tick. The design of the tick remover, designed by a veterinarian, takes into account the morphology of the tick. The tick's mouthparts are covered with backward-directed projections; this allows the tick to "anchor" into the skin. Pulling up on the bench, the tips lift and lock the mouthparts into the skin. The tick can break off and shed parts of the skin that cause infection. With a rotating movement, the tips are folded into the axis of rotation and the bench is easily removed without pulling, reducing the risk of breaking the lectern. The Tick Twister® hook removes ticks by twisting rather than by twisting and pulling; of all the instruments supposed to use rotation, it is the easiest to use because of its shape and size.

The Tick Twister® Tick Remover allows the user to hold the tick without squeezing and to remove the tick by twisting rather than pulling. This technique is the best and safest way to completely remove the tick.

Packaging: 2 removers of two different sizes

How to remove a tick?

  1. Choose the most suitable hook according to the size of the tick.
  2. Set the hook by approaching the bench from the side until it holds.
  3. Lift the hook very slightly and ROLL IT until the tick comes off on its own.



The tick remover is made of polyacetal. For this polymer, manufacturers have excelled because:

  • is robust,
  • is resistant to alcohol, ether, solvents and other substances that people may have used on benches before,
  • it is non-toxic, fully recyclable and can be incinerated without emitting chloride fumes