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We all know that dogs prefer soft, fun and light toys. They play with them, lie with them and, of course, have fun. The TRIFOLD toy is an extremely light toy that even the smallest puppies will love. Of course, the big furry one will also have fun with it. With the belt, it is also easily portable, so you can simply attach it to your belt or play tug-of-war with your dog.

The TRIFOLD toy is made from pieces of felt material that would otherwise end up in the trash of textile production. So, the toy is not only ultra-light and fun, but also ecologically oriented from waste material.

It is completely safe for puppies and their teeth. It does not contain toxic materials or hard particles.

Available in two different sizes - for small and large puppies:

SMALL size: 12cm X 12cm
BIG size: 18cm X 18cm

Produced with a lot of love for furs in Slovenia in a family business with tradition.