Loving Paw Hemp balm with the addition of clay for healthy paws, snout and skin maintains health and natural balance. It successfully helps with seasonal allergies. The clay will have an antibacterial effect on the feet, which is especially important for the health of your puppy or cat.

It can be used for a range of problems such as dry, irritated and sensitive skin on the paws, snout or on the skin itself. It is also used for various rashes and skin changes or for daily skin care and regeneration. With a high content of hemp oil (it contains about 80% of essential fatty acids) and bentonite clay, it effectively relieves pain, relieves muscle tension, accelerates skin regeneration and wound healing.

It is not allergenic and does not stain hair or skin. Made from 100% natural ingredients.

Apply hemp clay balm and rub into the skin. Great for both puppies and cats.

Store in a dry place and at a maximum temperature of 25 C.

Cannabis Sativa, Olea Europaea, Cera alba, Glycerin, Cannabis extract, Clay bolus.

Hemp oil, olive oil, beeswax, glycerin, hemp tea, clay.

NET weight: 50g

Country of origin: Slovenia