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Chewing is a healthy stimulating activity for your dog and helps maintain clean and healthy teeth. Loving Paw chews are naturally dried without chemicals. They do not contain grains and gluten. They are monoprotein and also suitable for allergy sufferers. It is a 100% natural product. All products are air-dried, completely free of additives and impurities.

The high meat and protein content is particularly good, while the fat content is very low. This ensures optimal utilization and digestion of snacks. They are healthy, nutritious and will make your furry little one happy.

Natural products ensure constant freshness and quality:

  • from freshly slaughtered raw materials
  • without added preservatives, sugar or caramel
  • without chemical additives
  • without flavorings, dyes, bone meal or the like
  • with gentle drying
  • 100% naturally dried
  • Made in Germany
  • 100% recycled packaging

Features of Loving Paw chews:

  • air-dried chewing gum
  • MONOprotein (contain only one source of animal protein)
  • only ingredients suitable for human consumption are used
  • European origin
  • European origin (according to Regulation (EC) 1774/2002)

In addition to everything, chewing gum has a great effect on detailed health. How? They mechanically remove plaque, as dried chews are "natural toothbrushes" for dogs. While biting, it also has a positive effect on behavior: a healthy, stimulating activity for the dog, which stimulates the formation of endorphins, contributes to relaxation and experiencing the primary instincts of the dog and cat.

Individual feed for dogs made from meat of the 3rd category.

COMPOSITION: 100% veal

ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS: crude protein: 87%, crude ash: 2.3%, crude fiber: 1.2%, crude fat: 1.1%

Instructions for use:
Keep as a treat. Adjust the amount of daily ration according to chewable intake to keep your dog in good condition. Keep your pet under control at all times while chewing. Fresh water must always be available to the dog. Store the product at room temperature up to +25°C.