Healthy teeth are the basis of health. For this reason, cleaning the teeth is even more important for maintaining healthy teeth, gums and enamel. With the double-sided bamboo toothbrush, we thought of all sizes of bristles. There are smaller bristles on one side, larger bristles on the other side. This makes them suitable for small puppies or kittens as well as large ones. Bad breath and dirty teeth are just a thing of the past!

Why is a double-sided bamboo toothbrush great for brushing your furry friend's teeth?

  • extremely light brush
  • easy to use
  • due to the length of the handle, it reaches even the most angular teeth
  • gentle on the gums
  • sustainable and ecologically oriented
  • dense nylon bristles effectively remove plaque

Some facts about bamboo:
Moso bamboo is an "endless" resource as it grows faster than any other plant; it grows about 1 meter per day. It regenerates itself with a minimal amount of rain and without the need for harmful pesticides. The bamboo used is sustainably grown. The energy required to manufacture a bamboo brush is negligible compared to that required to manufacture a plastic alternative. Are you worried about pandas? The great news is that pandas do not feed on moso bamboo.

The toothbrush has larger bristles on one side and smaller bristles on the other side for effective washing.

What to do with the brush when it has served its purpose? How to recycle it effectively?

When you think that your brush has done its job and is no longer suitable for effective brushing, you can use it for many other tasks:

  • for cleaning the bathroom
  • for cleaning engines or work machines (husband will be very happy)
  • to support seedlings in the garden
  • and much more..

But when she has completed this additional task successfully, you discard her like this:
First, pull out the bristles with pliers and dispose of them according to local waste separation rules. Dispose of the bamboo handle in organic waste or in your compost.