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Dogs need to cool down by breathing and we have to be careful not to overheat. High ambient temperatures make it difficult for him to cool down. Likewise, too much activity can make the cooling process very difficult. For this reason, we need to help them with efficient cooling. In addition to standard measures, cooling coats or bibs for dogs are recommended and a great solution in summer. The Loving Paw Active cooling jacket is extremely light and effective in 'fighting' high temperatures.

How does the cooling jacket work?

The Active cooling jacket imitates natural cooling with the help of water evaporation. Thus, it helps the dog to lower its body temperature. This evaporation creates a cooling effect especially on the chest and around the vital internal organs. This prevents the puppy from overheating or getting a heatstroke. The lungs and large blood vessels have the greatest influence on the thermal regulation of our fur coat, and at the same time, the coat also cools the internal organs in a friendly and gentle way.

How is the jacket used?

Simply soak it in cold fresh water and wring it out. Put it on the puppy and the coat will start to cool him in no time. It is very important to keep the coat wet at all times and to pour water over it while it is on the puppy. With this, the coat provides cooling and also protection from the sun's rays

The coat has safety reflectors on the sides, which ensure good visibility even in the dark.

Warning: If you do not have the possibility to additionally wet the coat and keep it wet, DO NOT leave it dry on the dog.


  • S circumference: from 35 - 50 cm
  • M circumference: from 48 - 65 cm
  • L circumference: from 62 - 85 cm

*Circumference is measured at the widest part of the chest.


  • Natural cooling with the help of water evaporation
  • UV protection
  • Added reflectors for better visibility