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Walking in the rain can be fun. But only if you have dog equipment made of waterproof materials that do not require demanding cleaning after a walk. Let your puppy explore the wet meadows and enjoy the walk. With the BioThane® Loving Paw collar, you will never spend a lot of time cleaning and maintaining it.

Loving Paw BioThane® collars are made of high quality and certified BioThane® material. The combination of the strong fabric inside and the polymer coating forms a special material with many advantages that make it easier for the owner to maintain the dog's equipment. All Loving Paw products are handmade in Slovenia.

Tehnical specifications:


  • Clip: aluminum
  • D rinka, regulator: steel
  • Ring: plastic
  • Rivets: brass
  • BioThane® BETA

Collar width:

  • S: 19 mm
  • M: 19 mm
  • L: 25 mm
  • XL: 25mm

Neck Circumference:

  • S: 28-23 cm
  • M: 33-47 cm
  • L: 33-47 cm
  • XL: 40-57 cm


Features of the BioThane® Loving Paw Collar:

GOOD GRIP - thanks to the polymer coating, BioThane® products provide good grip even when wet. Whether in water or on land, they do not stretch or change their length or weight.

EASY MAINTENANCE - the smooth surface allows for easy cleaning. That is why products from BioThane® are suitable for walks in any weather and for various activities with the dog. Simply wash the dirty product under water and wipe with a cloth.

DURABLE - BioThane® is an extremely strong material, but despite the fact that the material is extremely durable, we cannot guarantee that your puppy will not bite through it. Therefore, do not leave collars or leashes unattended and within reach of your dog. Bites on the products and thus damage to BioThana® are not subject to complaints.

WATER RESISTANT – BioThane®'s best feature is its water resistance. This comes in handy on rainy and winter days. The surface does not absorb water, when it gets wet, simply wipe it with a cloth and it is already dry and ready for new activities. Since it does not absorb water, it also does not emit an unpleasant smell. However, due to haberdashery, we recommend that Loving Paw equipment is not used in salt water.

GENTLE ON THE SKIN - BioThane® material is gentle on both human skin and dog hair. Originally, the material was made for horse bridles, which means that even if the animal pulls and the material rubs against its skin, it will not injure or irritate it.

ANTIBACTERIAL - due to the combination of all the above properties, Loving Paw products are also antibacterial. The surface of BioThane® is smooth, so it is easy to clean, and it is difficult for parasites to stick to it.

CERTIFIED MATERIAL - Loving Paaw uses only certified BioThane® that is made in the USA.

Before first use:
The product may have been in the received form for some time. When you receive the product, remove all labels and unwrap if necessary before using it for the first time. Maybe the first time the product will be a bit wrapped. You can already use such a product or hang it up and wait for it to return to its original (flat) shape over the course of a few days.

Simply wet the product under running water and rub lightly. You can help yourself with a mild detergent. Do not rub the printed parts of the product with brushes or sharp objects.

It is good to know:
Despite the fact that the material is extremely resistant and durable, the dog can still bite through it. Therefore, never leave the product out of your control. This product is for dogs only. Use of the product is at the dog owner's own risk. careful.

Material: BioThane®