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We all know that puppies love slippers, right? Well, give him a big slipper that will be dedicated only to him. We have created a large slipper for them, which will definitely keep them busy. So, we created the 'sniffer' slipper.

What's even better here?
The slipper is 45 cm long and 22 cm wide. It has 24 small pockets where you can put treats and activities for your furry little one.

The slipper is made in such a way that you can hang the daga anywhere you want and even put some products for the puppy or treats in it. It will keep the puppy busy, be used as an interactive toy or as a carrier for various puppy products. Soup!

Slipper material: polyester felt
Maintenance: Stains are cleaned with neutral washing powder or a soft cloth. Hand wash.

The slipper is made with a lot of heart, made in Slovenia.