Beco Pets are hairy products that are fun and environmentally friendly. They are distinguished by innovative materials and fresh ideas for eco -friendly alternatives to everyday products. Let's come to terms, we all have to do our share in nature conservation!

Eco Materials
All Beco Pets products were designed to be environmentally friendly. In the foreground, it is not only functionality but also the life cycle of products. Many of the products we use in our daily lives often land in dumps, so it is important to think in advance. At beco pets, they set themselves aim to create products of such design and from such materials that they will have the minimum impact on the environment even after the end of their useful life.

Advantages of beco PETS products

  • 100% safe and free of toxic substances (which are often found in plastic and rubber products)
  • 100% natural (are from a mixture of plant fibers and plant resin)
  • 100% biodegradable (if we put a product in a warm, moist place (eg compost) or bury it into the ground, plant resin begins to break down.
  • When natural and biodegradable material is not possible due to nature and use, it is a recycled material (eg polyphil) or safe and human use suitable material (eg silicone)
  • Attractive colors and shapes
  • The fruit of ethical production
  • Affordable