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BecoBags are environmentally friendly bags for dog poop. They make cleaning up the piles behind your furry friend more environmentally friendly. BecoBags can be recycled, but they are also 100% degradable.

The special feature of the bags is that they are strong and large, and unlike many other similar products on the market, they are not toxic to the environment even after use. The packaging and the central sleeve surrounding the bags are also environmentally friendly, as they are made of cardboard. They are strong and do not tear during use and fit perfectly with the BecoPocket and BecoPod eco carriers, as well as other standard carriers.

These oxo-biodegradable BecoBags are made of PE plastic, with an additive called D2W. By adding D2W to the bags, we allow the bags to break down much faster than a regular plastic bag. The bags break down into particles, which then break down at the atomic level into CO2 and water. This process takes longer than 90 days, but (depending on the environmental conditions) they will decompose much faster than ordinary plastic. With access to oxygen and organic matter, the process takes about 3 years. In addition, the bags are not toxic to the environment during decomposition.

Tested according to various international standards, including ASTM D6954 and EN 13432 toxicity. BecoBags decompose within 3 years, depending on the place of disposal. If we want to allow the bag to decompose quickly, we must ensure suitable conditions (temperature, humidity, organic matter).

If you dispose of the bag in mixed waste (landfill), the decomposition process will be longer.

They are available in four packages:

  • 60 bags – 4 rolls
  • 120 bags – 8 rolls
  • 270 bags – 18 rolls
  • 540 bags - 36 rolls